New Release - Version 7.0


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*** Version 7.0 - Features Include ***

*** Email Syntax
Makes sure your emails are properly formatted no invalid chars ([email protected]#$%^&*) typos etc.

** Keyword Filter
Trap Hunter goes across your list looking for any emails with forbidden keywords abuse, spam, report etc.

** Domain Filter
Trap Hunter will check your email list for any banned domains which includes spam traps, legal litigators, temporary email providers and much more.

** MX Filters
Trap Hunter does a specialized scan it checks the MX records looking for certain variables if it finds one of these variables it marks the domain as a bad domain.

** Reverse MX
Trap Hunter Reverses the MX records to compare the active IPs to a large list of the nastiest complainer IPs. Spamcop, Spamhaus, SUrbl, Barracuda and many more will be removed this way

** Auto Update
Every time you reload Trap Hunter, the software will check for any updates of suppression files or updates of the main software if it finds any it will auto update, this will make sure you always have the latest updates and all of the latest traps to be found! fresh updates are provided daily to keep your emails spam trap free!

** IP Protection
Trap Hunter is designed specifically so it will not effect your IP Reputation or get you any complaints with your ISP or HOME Internet provider!

** MX Banner Verification
Trap Hunter then also goes even a step further and attempts to make a connection to verify the MX banner it then uses a special testing process to determain if the MX record is indeed an active trap!

** A Record Verification
Verifies if there is a valid A Record (website) attached to the domain in the list. This removes a lot of trap/junk domains and saves you considerable amounts of time and resources!

** MX / A Record Testing
After verification of a MX/A record the soft then goes a step further and verifies the MX or A Record actually works. many times there is a domain with active record but that MX or A Record is un-pingable making it useless

and more.. so much more :)